Top 10 Best Home Security Systems For Today’s Modern House

Best Home Security Systems For Modern Houses.

Home security system: With an increase in the crime rate security has become a primary concern for people. Burglary and thefts have wrecked people’s peace and hence more and more of them are investing in home security system services. These security systems don’t just one type of security like a lock or camera but instead, they are comprised of a wide range of systems that include alarms, cameras, locks and so much more. These systems not only ensure safety but also in case the theft does happen then the surveillance camera footage helps in identifying the culprit and helps the police to arrest such burglars too. If your house ever got theft then you have to call your insurance company. There are so many companies that offer these home security systems services the best of which are listed below.

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1. ASG Security system :

The key feature of the security systems developed by ASG Security is that their home security systems are smart and laced with the latest technology but not only that every time the firmware is updated the security systems get updated automatically. The qualities don’t end here another one of the main features is that it will never be outdated or obsolete instead it just gets better and better with time and with the advancements in technologies. This enables you to operate your security system through your Smartphone, laptop, tablet, and PC as well and hence keeps you in control of the situation all the time. The wonders don’t end here it even enables you to get all the alerts as minute as which door opened and which light switched on.

ASG security system company

2. Frontpoint Security :

Most of the websites have rated Frontpoint security as the best security system providing company. It is a very trusted company that was founded in 2007 by home security experts that wanted to create a company dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of homes. What made this company trustworthy was its motive which was to develop products to ensure safety and eradicate the fear of theft and burglary rather than just for the profit earned through the sale of fancy but useless gadgets. Some of the key features of their security systems include easy to use advantage the systems can be handled and equipped easily without the need of any technician since the sensors are wireless and even process on cellular signals so even in case the burglars cut down the landline and telephone lines the sensors will still work flawlessly. With the latest technology used, you can always stay in the loop with the system by accessing it through smart devices like smartphones and tablets and even laptops, PC’s as well. Lastly, the company doesn’t rob the customers of any hidden charges.

frontpoint security system

3. Protect America :

Top Home Security Systems in Dallas has rated Protect America as one of the best security system companies in Dallas but just not that Protect America is also occupying the second position in the list of U.S’s top security systems company. It is rated that high because for one it is very affordable and hence people naturally choose it fairly more. Their customer service is Very Impressive and hence it leaves every user satisfied. All the professionals in the company are firmly dedicated to the customers. The systems are highly updated and ensure complete safety and security. They have a record of securing around 500,000 Homes in 50 states and Canada to date.

Protect america security system

4. Vivint Security :

Vivint Home Security Systems is a class security system with a single touch screen control panel rather than a complex control panel with too many remotes. The system comes with not one but three windows and door sensors that secure the house even more since not just the front entrance but two other doors and three windows are secure as well. A few other sensors are also in the package one that detects smoke and one other sensor that detects motion. There are a few other features that make this company a pioneer in the security systems business.

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5. ADT Security :

ADT Security is one of the best Security System Company in the United States. The company has reached the position because of the fast and reliable response by the professionals in the Monitoring Centers that are owned by the company to the issues of the customers. There are 6 monitoring centers all across the country. It has a total population of 6.4 million consumers which is humongous value. Such amount of consumes is proof of their satisfactory services. It enables you to arm your security system from anywhere with just a few taps on your Smartphone. It also lets you switch in between the views of the camera also lets you watch the live footage and even recorded clips on your phone.

ADT security system

6. SimpliSafe Security :

Over 200,000 people trust SimpliSafe Security to ensure the safety and security of their homes. It is an award-winning company for its incredible performance. It was built by an engineer that graduated from Harvard University. The Security system guards your home with the latest wireless technology. What makes the Company attractive is the less hassle policy which means there are no annual contracts or pockets emptying middlemen and the most awesome feature is that it doesn’t even require a landline to operate. The cellular connection is also lightning fast so you are connected all the time. The wireless sensors have a wide range making the system very efficient.

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7. LifeShield Security :

With the motto of “Protect what matters the most” LifeShield Security Systems company is another one of the best security systems providing company in the United States. It enables you to watch live footage from the cameras sitting anywhere on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC as well. Only LifeShield provides three-layered protection so even if the phone lines are cut and the powers go out or even if the network connection is crashed the security system is still active and keeps the house safe and secure.

Lifesheild home security

8. LiveWatch Security :

It is known for its fastest responding alarm system ever holding a record. Its alarm only takes measly 30 seconds to notify the customer of any threat. The 24/7 monitoring includes alerts through SMS, Mails as well as Web. The False alarm is not a pain to cancel and can be handled easily and effortlessly. Since a house is robbed every 15 minutes in the US so it is very important for companies to develop a system that is immune to any tampering by the burglars. It doesn’t only notify break-ins and threats but also detects fire with the help of smoke detectors and alarms making it one of the best security systems around the country.

Monitronics live watch

9. Protection 1 Security :

Protection 1 is a leading security services company that not only provides home security systems but also business security systems. Professional monitoring centers notify the consumers immediately through an alarm of any intrusion or even in case of fire. You can not only control your system through your phone but also control home lighting, door locks, thermostats, cameras, and video as well. Aside from home security, this company provides security services for business companies as well. It has a record of 97.3% consumer satisfaction. It has also an A+ rating.

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10. Guardian Protection Services :

It is rated A+ by BBB as of September 2015. It has also earned the Super service award with an overall ‘A’ grade in each and every category. It also provides up to 10 windows and door sensors which ensures the security of the house even more. The Guardian Protection works hard to maintain their standards and to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied and feel always protected rather than live in fear of theft or burglary. With all the advanced technology it is still very affordable to the people and hence it is one of the best security services providers.

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This summary the list of top 10 home security systems companies worldwide. Please also check out: Best Insurance companies around the world and Types of Insurance. 

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