Top 10 Best Insurance Companies Around The World

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies Around The World


Insurance is an arrangement by which either the state/government agency or any other private company provides a guarantee to compensate for the loss of a person. The loss could either be of any property, vehicle, and life itself. With recession spreading its claws everywhere security is really important and since people are insecure about the future and the loss of compensation so this is where the insurance companies step in to relieve that stress. There are so many various kinds of insurance companies around the world like getting an auto insurance quote, free auto insurance quotes,top-rated auto insurance companies, auto insurances companies, quotes on auto insurance, top-rated car insurance companies, automotive insurance companies, group health insurance company, online auto insurance companies, automobile insurance quote, etc. Whenever there is an emergency like accident or theft cases, we look for insurance companies. here is a list of the top insurance companies at the global level.

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Berkshire Hathaway INC is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. This is one of the top insurance companies in the USA. With its net revenue value of a boggling 194,773 US dollars, this company occupies the first position among the top global insurance companies. It is an American multinational company that was formerly known as Valley Falls Company found in 1839. Chairman of the board, president, and CEO Warren Buffet and his leadership is one of the main reasons for the company’s flawless performance. In 2014 this company became the first ever type A company in history whose shares hit a monumental $ 200,000 per share. Berkshire’s insurance businesses provide insurance of property and casualty risks primarily in the United States. The insurance business is conducted by around about 70 domestic as well as foreign-based companies.

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2. AXA Insurance. 

AXA stands at no.2 globally with net revenue of an impressive $161,173.It is a French MNC the deals in investment Banking mainly with its headquarters located in Paris. AXA is an amalgam of many independent businesses that operate according to the rules of different countries. Investment AXA is known for its solid life and health insurance services. AXA PPP is a UK based medical insurance provider. AXA Asia with its headquarters in Hong Kong is responsible for providing life insurance services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. It also has joint-ventures in Malaysia, China, India, Japan, and Thailand.


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3. Allianz

It is a German multinational financial services company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. With a net revenue worth of $136,846, it stands at number 3. It deals mainly with Insurance and Asset management. Allianz is not limited to only a few countries, one of the key features of this company is its global spread with its offices in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Indonesia, Pakistan, Slovakia, and all over US and UK. Forbes Magazine declared it the largest financial services as well as the largest company worldwide in 2015. With its global spread and satisfactory insurance services, this company is very popular.

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4. Japan Post Holdings

It is a state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo. It operates not only in insurance but also in post offices and Banks. Its net revenue of $129,686 puts it into the 4th position. The plans to make the agency private have been put on hold for some issues. The company is divided into 4 main divisions out of which Japan post Insurance is responsible for providing life insurance services. The company also offers transportation services to deliver letters as well as goods.

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5. Assicurazioni Generali.

Generali Group is the largest insurance company in Italy as well as one of the largest in Europe. Its headquarter is situated in Trieste. With its net revenue of $118,871, it’s another one of the top global insurance companies. Generali mainly operates in Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. When it was founded it was mainly known for its seaport services but later on, it came to be one of the largest insurance companies around the world. Its largest market shares are in Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Israel, Japan, China, and Bosnia. The company mainly deals in investment management, Banking, and Insurance.

Assicurazioni Generali

6. Prudential plc

It is a British multinational financial service and life insurance company. Its headquarter is in London, United Kingdom. With revenue worth $98,976 it currently occupies the 6th position among the top insurance companies. Founded in 1948 in London this company deals mainly in Life Insurance, Investment management, and consumer finance. Prudential is listed on the London Stock Exchange primarily which is an achievement on its own. The company has 4 business units Prudential Europe, UK, and Africa, M& G, Prudential Corporation Asia, and Jackson National Life Insurance Company.

Prudential plc

7. China Life Insurance Company


With its net Revenue worth of $87,249, it stands at number 8 globally. It is a Beijing based China incorporated company that deals mainly in life insurance and annuity products. As compared to the other companies that are a few decades old this was founded in 2003 which makes it 12 years old and it has established its position as one of the most successful insurance companies in the world which is a huge statement on its own. Though it has been dragged down for various illegal activities from time to time still it has maintained its position and the services.

China Life Insurance Company


8. Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance Company of China Limited is a holding company whose subunits deal mainly in insurance, banking, and financial services. Its Headquarters is situated in Shenzhen, Shanghai. With its revenue value of $86,021, it occupies the 8th position on the list. Ping An has operations all over China, Hong Kong, and Macau as well. It was also chosen as the Index stock of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index. It was founded in 1988 and in its 27 years of functioning it has only grown and has become better with its services.


Ping An Insurance

9. Legal and General Group

Legal and General Group plc which is shortly known as Legal & General is a British multinational financial services company with its headquarter located in London, UK. With its net revenue value of $84,805, it is one of the giants in the insurance business. Its product not only includes Insurance but general insurance, pensions, and investments as well. It operates primarily in the UK, Egypt, France, Germany, The gulf, India, The Netherlands, and the United States. It is listed on London Stock Exchange and was founded in 1836 making it a pretty old and trusted company.

Legal and General Group


10. Munich Re

Founded in 1880 Munich Regroup is a reinsurance company based in Munich, Germany basically. It is one of the most successful global reinsurers. Its shares are listed on the German Stock Exchange. Its net revenue worth as of now is $81,685. It doesn’t just have clients locally but its clients are spread worldwide. Munich Re has around 50 Business units around the globe making it easily accessible. It provides reinsurance cover for health, casualty, transport, fire, aviation, life, space, and engineering business as well making it one of the most diverse reinsuring companies.

Munich Re

According to the latest revenue value, this is the list of the top ten global insurance companies.