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10 Easy Home Decorating Tips

Many people dream of decorating their home in an attractive manner, but they are put off by the potential cost involved. You are lucky, this article will give you some good tips on how you can renew the look of your house. Read on for advice and tips related to interior planning.

Keeping your home looking great doesn’t have to be hard or take much time – in fact, sometimes it just takes something as simple as changing up the position of a few pieces of furniture or adding some flowers to an empty vase. Even so, everyone can benefit from some easy home decorating tips every now and then – here are ten of them to get you started!

1) Add Color

Sometimes, getting a more vibrant look in your living space can be as simple as adding color. One of the best ways to do so is with throw pillows. You don’t have to buy an entirely new set of furniture to add visual interest, just find some cheap throw pillows at a home decor store and get creative with it. If you go bold and mix stripes and plaids, you can really add some fun to your room while keeping it classy!

2) Bring the Outside In

Whether you want to bring more green into your home or brighten up a dull area, succulents are a great decorative choice for any home. They’re easy to care for and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. These low-maintenance plants are perfect for homes with a lot of people who won’t spend much time maintaining them. Here are five tips on how to properly grow succulents.

3) Organize Your Space

Before you start any home decorating or design project, make sure your space is organized and clutter-free. When everything’s in its place and all of your tools are accounted for, it will be much easier to execute your plan of attack. Plus, a clean space has been shown to have positive effects on productivity and creativity. Furniture size should always be carefully considered within a room’s design. If you insert large furniture pieces into small rooms, the rooms will appear smaller than they really are. Select furniture that fits the size of your room without drawing attention to itself.

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4) Create a Cozy Spot

A cozy spot is a great addition to any home; it’s a specific area that’s created with only one purpose—to be cozier than anywhere else in your house. In other words, instead of randomly decorating your living room, you make a few conscious decisions to turn it into an incredibly cozy place. It could be a small reading nook with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and comfortable chairs or an entire space dedicated to meditation and yoga.

5) Go for Contrast

An obvious decorating tip is to make use of contrast. If you’re going for a bright look, for example, choosing dark furniture can add visual punch. If you want to create a calm feeling in your living room, use light colors as they tend to be more relaxing. Contrasting elements also bring balance to your home. That doesn’t mean all walls have to match; instead, pick out one bold wall and surround it with subtle ones that accentuate its impact.

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6) Know When Enough Is Enough

If you’re trying to figure out how to decorate your home on a budget, focus on areas that can make a huge impact without breaking your bank. Focus on items that are one-of-a-kind and pieces that will stand out. If you add two vases of flowers to a room, you won’t get as much bang for your buck as if you added unique artwork or an intricate rug.

7) Look Around You

Before you set out to redecorate your whole home, start with a single room. Picking an area of your house that could use some sprucing up (like a living room) will help you get into a decorating mindset without losing sight of your budget.

8) Think About Scale

So you’ve chosen your paint colors, and perhaps have a few pieces of furniture picked out. Now it’s time to think about scale—how big or small you want to go with each piece. Larger items like sofas, armoires, and rugs should be weighed against smaller elements like curtains and throw pillows to create balance in your space.

9) Use Neutral Colors in Small Spaces

It’s a good idea to avoid dark colors in small spaces, as they can make a room seem closed in. Likewise, don’t go overboard with bright colors—you want a space that’s visually appealing without being overwhelming or tacky. Stick to light and neutral colors when decorating your home, and consider contrasting bright colors with black accents or with several layers of sheer curtains for a chic look.

10) Rethink What Looks Good on You

What looks good on someone else might not look so good on you. Your color palette depends entirely on your skin tone, eye color, and other features. If you’re designing your own home or looking to revamp a room in your current home, focus more heavily on what looks good with your unique aesthetic instead of just what looks good in general. You might love bold colors and eclectic designs, but if they make you look washed out or tired, don’t do it!

Here are a few extra home decorating tips & ideas.

Pay attention to how close you place sconces to the main focal point in a room. If hanging them close to a mirror, allow it an appropriate amount of space. Obviously, the mirror size needs to be considered, but you can easily ascertain this when it is being hung up. TIP! It is a good idea to use mirrors in rooms where space is an issue.

A mirror works to create the illusion of space, thus enhancing the appearance of any room. If you are designing a home, a good tip is to make sure all the floors are on the same level match. If you choose not to keep your flooring consistent throughout, ensure that each floor type compliments the others. This creates a flow between the rooms and also makes the space look bigger.

Remember to take time to analyze the fabrics that you will be using. Keep in mind that your home is the place you are going to be living in. Because of this, spending some extra time researching is the best thing you can do. It can help you save unnecessary time and money. Try using mirrors to brighten a room, with placement across from windows. A nice-sized mirror should reflect the light let in by the window throughout the entire room. This will brighten the room.

TIP! As to the paint on your ceiling, keep the shade of it twice as bright as the walls. Failing to follow this scheme can lead to a claustrophobic feel. You must know what you want to do with a room before you begin to make changes to it. Your mood can vary from calm and soothing to excited or outrageous. If you think of the mood for the space in advance, you can tie it together more easily. As you have seen, you do not have to be a genius to give your home a great new look. Using the ideas you have learned here can help you express yourself and create a great new look for your home. Please also check out Bathroom renovation model tips & ideas and bathroom floor tiles.